Growth - The increase in the size of the body, that are measurable, How is Growth monitored? - Plotted on apercentile chart, to check babies growth against the average, Examples of growth are - Height, weight, head circumferance. , Development - The gaining of skills in all aspects of a child's life, How is development monitored? - Milestones, Milestones are broken down into - Physical, Intellectual, Language, Emotional and Social Development, Milestones are - What experts through research have worked out what most children can do at certain ages and the rate in which they grow, Infancy - 0 -1 year, Early years - 1 - 3 years, Childhood - 4 - 7 years, Puberty - 8 - 12 years, Adolescence - 13 - 16 years, Development happens from head to toe and inside out - Principle 1, All development happens in the same order but at different rates - Principle 2, All areas of development are linked - Principle 3, Physical development includes - Gross motor, large muscles, fine motor, fine manipulative skills and locomotion, Intellectual development includes - How children learn, think and develop ideas, Language development includes - Verbal and non verbal communication, vocabulary and speech, Emotional development includes - self-esteem, feeling secure and expressing and controlling emotions eg temper tantrums, Social development includes - Interactions, play, personal care and learning social expectations,




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