1) What was the name of the nymph that lived on the island of Ogygia? a) Poseidon b) Zeus c) Calypso 2) Who was on the island with Calypso? a) Hermes b) Odysseus c) Athena 3) Could Odysseus leave Calyps's island? a) Never b) Maybe c) Yes, he could. 4) How did Poseidon react when he learnt that Odysseus had left the island? a) He was excited to see Odysseus. b) He was really happy! c) He got furious and really angry! 5) What was the first place Odysseus visit when he strated his Odyssey? a) The land of the cannibals Laestrygones. b) The island of the Lotus Eaters, where the fruit is delicious. c) The home of a Cyclops 6) Did Odysseus and his men kill the Cyclops? a) Yes, they threw a branch directly to his heart. b) No, they didn't. They threw a branch to his eye and he fell asleep. c) We are not sure. 7) What did Aelous give Odysseus as a present? a) A new ship. b) A bag full of fish. c) A bag full of winds to sail his ship. 8) What did the Laestrygones do with the visitors who went to their palace? a) They told them to leave the palace. b) They invited them to have supper and then they would eat them. c) They gave the visitors magical powers. 9) Was Circe a nice woman? a) I don't remember. b) No! she was an awful witch! c) She pretended to be nice, then she was a witch but in the end, she was nice again. 10) What animal did Odysseus men become? a) Sheeps b) Lions c) Pigs 11) In the land of the dead, Odysseus talked to... a) A soldier. b) An old spirit. c) Poseidon 12) The spirit of the old man told Odysseus... a) Not to eat from the cattle of Helious, the son og God. b) Not to sail his ship anymore. c) To go back to Calypso's island and stay there forever. 13) What was the secret weapon of the sirens? a) Their beautiful appearance. b) Their voices. c) Their food. 14) What type of animal was Scylla? a) A six-headed monster. b) A giant fish. c) An octopus. 15) When they arrived at the land of the sun god Helios, ... a) They didn't eat anything because they remembered the spirit's piece of advice. b) Odysseus and his men ate the cattle and died. c) Odysseus didn't eat the catle, tried to escape but Helios smashed his boat.

The Odyssey (class)





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