1. It concentrates on the ____ as an individual. 2. It looks at things from the child's ____. 3. It gives the child an opportunity to learn through ____. 4. The child will learn by ____. 5.____ to children will teach them that their ideas are valued. 6. The child will get a feeling of ____ by taking part in activity planning. 7. The child will get access to a ____ of activities. 8. The child-centred approach looks at the child's ____ development. 9. It will enable the child to make ____ and solve problems. 10. It allows the child to develop confidently and ____. 11. It contributes to ____ so the child can feel comfortable with who they are. 12. The child will develop an ____ of the self and the surrounding world.

Why is the ‘child-centred’ approach important?




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