1) What is the symbol of valentines day? a) Rose b) Heart c) Cupid d) Chocolates 2) How much do people in the UK spend on flowers every year on valentines day? a) 10 million b) 22 million c) 50 million d) 33 million 3) Who is the god of love? a) Eros b) Aura c) Horae d) Zeus 4) Approximately what percentage of Valentine's cards are bought by women? a) 50% b) 70% c) 85% d) 90% 5) Every Valentines day which city is sent lots of letters addressed to Juliet? a) New York b) Rome c) Verona d) Paris 6) What is Paddy McGuinness' famous catch phrase on the ITV show 'Take me out' - No likey, No.....? a) Date b) Kiss c) Lighty d) Cuddle 7) What type of bird symbolizes Valentine's Day? a) Robin b) Dove c) Swan d) Mocking bird 8) What fruit is also known as the 'love apple'? a) Strawberry b) Tomato c) Cherry 9) How many times is the word 'love' mentioned in the bible? a) 3 b) 73 c) 733 d) 373 10) In which play did Shakespeare mention St. Valentine? a) As you like it b) Romeo and Juliet c) Hamlet d) Macbeth

Valentines quiz




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