1) Which of the following is an example of poor customer service? a) Being enthusiastic at all times b) Using manners c) Greeting customers on arrival d) Being surly faced 2) What does "discreet" mean? a) Ignoring a customer b) Being unintrusive and careful c) Being polite d) Hiding behind pillars in the shop 3) How can poor customer service impact on staff? a) Increase their wage b) Lose profit for the business c) Complaints could lead to disciplinary action d) Lose loyal customers 4) What shows a good first impression? a) Chewing gum b) Scruffy clothes c) Talking about the latest X-box game d) Being punctual 5) How can poor customer service impact on an organisation? a) Business could shut down and lose their reputation b) Customers would go elsewhere c) Business would build a good image d) Employees would get longer lunch breaks 6) Why is it important to make a good first impression? a) Customers will forget you b) Customers could tell your boss c) Customers might buy you a present d) You could get a promotion 7) How can poor customer service impact on customers? a) Increase profitability b) Give a bad impression to customers  c) Customers would come back every day d) Loyal customers could go elsewhere 8) Why is good customer service important for an organisation? a) Positive feedback will allow the business to expand b) Customers can complain to local newspaper c) Business could lose profit d) People will not want to go and work for that business

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