Erick Erickson - Psychosocial theory to understand how we each develop our individual identities identities, Jean Piaget - Discovered that children's intellectual progressed through four stages, Lev Vygotsky - Emphasised the importance of relationships and interactions between children and more knowledgeable peers and adults, John Dewey - Education should also reflect the children's interests and backgrounds, Howard Gradner - Proposed a theory of multiple intelligences that suggests that there is more than one intellegence, BF Skinner - Operant conditioning - behaviour is followed by a consequent and the nature of the consequent modifies the tendency to repeat the behaviour, Uri Bronfenbrenner - See the world in which the child grows as having a major influence on development, Arnold Gesell - Recognised for his pioneering advances in the methodology of observing and measuring behaviour and development, Maria Montessori - Believed that teachers should provide the necessary resources for children to learn independently  , Mildred Parten - Focuses on social play which progresses at a developmental sequence, Kenneth H Rubin - Identified how children play and how it correlates with Partens stages of social play,

Child Theories and Their Theories in Practice




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