1) Where is food digested? a) Mouth b) Stomach & small intestine c) Large intestine & anus d) Liver 2) Which is the correct order? a) Mouth - Large intestine - Small intestine - Stomach b) Large intestine - Mouth - Stomach - Small intestine c) Mouth - Stomach - Small intestine - Large intestine d) Mouth - Small intestine - Large intestine - Stomach 3) Which of these words describes the pancreas? a) Organ b) Tissue c) Cell d) System 4) White bread is a good source of which nutrient? a) Vitamins b) Proteins c) Fats d) Carbohydrates 5) Glucose and starch are examples of.... a) Fats b) Vitamins c) Carbohydrates d) Proteins 6) Which of these is a good source of protein? a) Potatoes b) Fish c) Fruit d) Rice 7) Why do our bodies need carbohydrate? a) For growth b) For repair of wounds c) To fight disease d) For energy 8) Which part of a cheese sandwich is a good source of protein? a) The butter b) The cheese c) The pickle d) The bread 9) Which nutrient do you need for growth? a) Vitamins b) Water c) Fats d) Protein 10) What is the job of the teeth in digestion? a) To break up the food b) To digest the food c) To excrete the food d) To store the food 11) The stomach contains enzymes and what else? a) Alkali b) Acid c) Bacteria d) Vitamins 12) Why do big molecules need to be broken down? a) So they taste nicer b) They are easier to eat c) To keep you healthy d) To get through the gut wall

Science Healthy eating 4

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