1) What is the role is the cell nucleus? a) To hold the cell together b) Photosynthesis c) Respiration d) Controls the functions of the cell 2) Which feature would you NOT find in an animal cell? a) Cell Wall b) Cell membrane c) Mitochondria d) Cytoplasm 3) Which of these are NOT needed for photosynthesis? a) Carbon dioxide b) Oxygen c) Water d) Sunlight 4) What is the role of enzymes in your digestive system? a) To physically break down food b) To absorb nutrients c) To chemically break down food d) They have no role in digestion 5) What is the purpose of respiration? a) It is breathing, take in oxygen and remove carbon dioxide. b) It is how our body generates energy c) It is how our body produce food d) It is the absorption of nutrients. 6) Which method is not a way that our body defends itself from pathogens? a) The skin acts as a barrier b) Antibodies attack and destroy a pathogen c) White blood cells engulf pathogens d) White blood cells trap pathogens in mucus 7) What do plants NOT need for photosynthesis? a) Oxygen b) Carbon dioxide c) Glucose d) Chloroplasts e) Water f) Sunlight 8) What is being described? The particles are held tightly together by very strong foces, the particles are in a regular arrangement and can only vibrate on the spot. a) Solid b) Liquid c) Gas d) Compound 9) What is this the chemical symbol for? Fe a) Ferrate b) Flourine c) Iron d) Sodium 10) What is a molecule? a) One type of atom only b) Two or more different types of atom bonded together c) Two or more types of atom not bonded together d) Two or more atoms bonded together 11) A substance that cannot dissolve is described as? a) Soluble b) Insolube c) Solution d) Solute 12) The substance that dissolves is known as the what? a) Insoluble b) Soluble c) Solution d) Solute e) Solvent 13) Which type of rock may contain fossils? a) Sedimentary b) Igneous c) Metamorphic d) Granite 14) Which gas is not responsible for global warming? a) Water b) Carbon dioxide c) Methane d) Sulphur dioxide 15) Which of these metals is the most reactive a) Iron b) Potassium c) Silver d) Copper 16) In what type of reaction does a more reactive metal take the place of a less reactive metal in a compound? a) Neutralisation b) Combustion c) Displacement d) Exothermic e) Endothermic 17) When forces are unbalanced an object will NOT do what? a) Speed up b) Change direction c) Change shape d) Move at a contant speed 18) A high pitched sound has what property? a) A high frequency b) A low frequency c) A high amplitude d) A low amplitude 19) Heat energy is transferred through a solid by which process? a) Radiation b) Convection c) Conduction d) Evaporation 20) Heat radiation is best absorbed by which type of surface? a) A dull white surface b) A shiny white surface c) A dull dark surface d) A shiny dark surface
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