Health and Safety/Ergonomics - The safety and user friendliness of a product. The way a product fits/relates to people. Considers the function of the product and the age and experience of the consumer., Materials and Techniques - The materials, techniques and methods used in production. Affects the function, appearance and cost of a product., Cost - The cost involved in making and buying a product. Determined by materials used, production methods, branding, and marketing., Target Market/Audience - The consumer/customer/client who will buy the product and their needs, wants, demands, expectations, and aspirations., Form/Visual Elements - The 3D shape of a product. The designer’s use/combination of shape, form, texture, pattern and colour and the effect on the product., Function/Fitness for Purpose - The purpose of a product, what it is designed to do and how effective it is at meeting its purpose. Affected by materials used, production methods, durability, practicality, wearability and ergonomics., Aesthetics/Style/Visual Impact - The appearance of a product, how appealing it is, its stylistic qualities and how effective it is at creating visual impact. Affected by sources of inspiration/influences, association with design movements, materials used, production methods and use/combination of the visual elements., Influences/Sources of Inspiration - The stimulus behind a design and the impact on its appearance. Determined by designer influence, consumer wants and product purpose.,




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