Global divide - How easy (or difficult) access to the internet is for a person or business depending on their location in the world., Internet - A global network of computers that allows the sharing of information, Intranet - A private network, usually within an organisation, that allows members to share information., Extranet - A private network than can also be accessed via a web portal to allow members to share information., Remote Access - The ability to access a network or resources from another physical location (e.g. from home), Static website - A fixed website with content that doesn’t change for different users, Dynamic website - A website with content that can change dependent on the user or other given factors, such as location or time., Client-side scripting - Web pages that change according to the user’s actions but are not uploaded to the server., Server-side scripting - Changes to a web page that occur when information is submitted to the server, such as logging in., Information formats - The different ways in which information can be presented,

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