1) Data that has been collected by others outside the organisation a) Primary data b) Secondary data c) Qualitative data d) Quantitative data 2) A term for information that comes from outside an organisation a) Internal source b) External source c) Boolean data d) Data flow diagram 3) The number of blue cars that sold last year would be considered as... a) Quantitative data b) Qualitative data c) Boolean data d) Tactile information 4) The symbol that represents data flow in a data flow diagram a) b) c) d) 5) The symbol that represents an external entity (where information comes from) in a data flow diagram a) b) c) d) 6) The three principles of information security are a) Check, Inform, Asses b) Classification, Intention, Accessibility c) Content, Integrity, Access d) Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability 7) Integrity in terms of information security means... a) Information is maintained and kept accurate and fit for purpose b) Information is only accessed by those who need to see it c) Information is available to those who need to see it when they need it d) Information is encrypted to enhance security 8) Which is not a 'logical' protection method? a) Firewall b) Biometric lock c) Encryption of data d) Tiered levels of access 9) Which form of network security monitors data traffic in and out of a network and refuses data access to anything not meeting its set of rules? a) Antivirus b) Obfuscation c) Encryption d) Firewall 10) Encryption of data in transit refers to... a) using a firewall to block data entering a network b) making data unreadable when being transmitted c) making data unreadable whilst being stored d) only allowing access via an intranet 11) Shredding unrequired paper documents is a method of... a) obfuscation b) logical protection c) physical protection d) document authorisation 12) Which of these would not be considered intentional destruction of data? a) Computer virus that encrypts data b) Loss of a USB drive containing company data c) Hacker attack accessing and deleting data d) Shredding the only paper copy of a document 13) Which piece of legislation may have been breached if a member of the public found a discarded print out of a customer record? a) Data Protection Act b) Freedom of Information Act c) RIPA d) Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 14) News reports accessed online would be considered as a) primary data b) secondary data c) qualitative data d) quantitative data 15) Which term describes a type of data that has been gathered by measurement? a) quantitative data b) Boolean data c) external information d) qualitative data

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