1) Your brother will work at a laboratory, __ he? a) doesn't b) won't c) will  d) is 2) Police men fixed it, __ ? a) didn't he b) didn't they c) didn't it d) didn't someone 3) You saw That film yesterday, __ ? a) don't you b) won't you c) will you d) didn't you 4) The English people often talk about the weather, __ they? a) didn't b) don't c) aren't d) do 5) We haven't met before, __? a) have we b) haven't we c) didn't we d) haven't you 6) Most people here speak English, __ ?  a) isn't he b) doesn't it c) don't they d) does it 7) The concert starts at 7, __ ? a) isn't he b) doesn't it c) doesn't he d) does it 8) He forgot where he had parked his car, __? a) didn't he b) doesn't he c) did he d) hadn't he 9) You had better be careful with that sharp knife, __? a) wouldn't you b) would you c) hadn't you d) had you 10) She is married, __ ? a) does he b) isn't she c) is she d) doesn't he 11) You and I both enjoy ballet, __ ? a) don't you b) aren't you c) aren't we d) don't we 12) I'm more relaxed since I take up yoga, __? a) am not I b) am I c) aren't I d) aren't you




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