1) I've got ________ apple. a) a b) an 2) A: What's ________ lunch? B: We've got meatballs and potatoes. a) about b) for c) at 3) I' ve got pizza ________ I haven't got a banana. a) and b) too c) but 4) A: I've got a cheese sandwich. B: Me ________! a) and b) too c) please 5) Have we got ________ milk? a) any b) a c) an 6) Mum is ________ the kitchen. a) on b) in c) at 7) I haven't got ________ chicken. a) ✖ b) a c) an 8) I've got sausages ________ my pizza. a) at b) in c) on 9) I haven't got ________ cake. a) a b) an c) ✖ 10) A: Have we got any steak? B: No, ________. a) we have. b) we haven't. 11) A: Have we got any orange juice?  B: Yes, ________. a) we have. b) we haven't. 12) Have you got any tomatoes ________ your sandwich? a) under b) on c) in 13) I've got carrots ________ my cake. a) in b) on c) at 14) A hot-dog and cola, ________! a) well b) please c) too 15) Put 17 pizzas on the shopping ________. a) book b) list c) note 16) I've got eleven oranges in my ________. a) list b) basket 17) This is a nice, new and ________ pizza! a) cold b) hot 18) A: What have ________ got? B: We've got chicken and peas. a) she b) you c) they




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