1) Where does a shark live? a) Desert b) Ocean c) Antarctica d) Forest e) Jungle 2) What do Starfish eat? a) Vegetables b) Small animals c) Seaweed d) Ice cream 3) How long is a blue whale? a) 10m b) 20m c) 30m d) 40m e) 50m f) 60m 4) Sharks are vertebrates like us? a) yes b) no 5) What do sharks eat? a) Sea lions b) Seals c) Small whales d) All of them 6) What colour is a Dolphin? a) Green b) Red c) Orange d) Yellow e) Grey 7) What do Dolphins and Whales use to breathe? a) Blowholes b) Noses c) Special ears 8) How do Dolphins live? a) Alone b) With a friend c) In groups called pods 9) Where does an Octopus live? a) Shallow water b) Deep water c) Cold water d) Hot water 10) What does an Octopus do to stay safe? a) Swim away b) Attack c) Camouflage itself by changing colour




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