1) Where was Nora yesterday evening? a) She was at the cinema. b) She was at the amesement park. c) She was at the cafe. 2) Where was Ben yesterday morning? a) He was at the theatre. b) He was at school. c) He was at the museum. 3) Where were kids yesterday ? a) They were at the zoo. b) They were at the bookshop. c) They were at the playground. 4) Where were Jack and Rita yesterday ? a) They were at the pet shop. b) They were at the circus. c) They were at the garden. 5) Where was Nick yesterday ? a) He was at the shopping centre. b) He was at the park. c) He was at home. 6) Where were you yesterday ? a) We were at the fast food restaurant.. b) We were at the park. c) ShWe were at home. 7) How was the film? a) It was funny. b) It was boring. c) It was dangerous. 8) How was the book? a) It was noisy. b) It was  quiet. c) It was boring. 9) How was the popcorn? a) It was funny. b) It was delicios. c) It was fast. 10) How was the amusement park? a) It was quite. b) It was scary. c) It was interesting.

Smart J 3 Mod 7 Let's play Questions




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