1) It's a ________ week! a) great b) busy c) perfect 2) ________ Mondays I play football. a) On b) At c) In 3) ________ you play computer games on Thursday? a) Have b) Are c) Do 4) We go smimming ________ the weekend. a) at b) in c) on 5) I sing ________ my friends on Wednesdays. a) with b) to c) at 6) Do you read books on Sundays ? a) Yes, I don't. b) Yes, I do. c) Yes, I am. 7) ________ is the lake? a) Who b) What c) Where 8) We ________ lost. a) is b) am c) are 9) I've ________ an idea. a) got b) have c) do 10) This isn't ________ fun. a) many b) much 11) How ________ rabbits do you see? a) many b) much 12) On Tuesdays we go ________ school, too. a) at b) to c) with 13) ________ out! a) See b) Look c) Watch 14) Do you play the piano on Fridays? a) No, I do. b) No, I'm not. c) No, I don't.

SM 1 / U5: Free time / Review




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