1) I fear we might not _____________ the deadline if we do not start planning now. a) reach b) meet c) arrive 2) It will be important to ____________ resources efficently if we want to succeed. a) enlarge b) provide c) allocate 3) We have already ___________ behind schedule because many people reported to be sick. a) fall b) fallen c) fell d) felt 4) If we continue spending in this way, we will not manage to stay __________ budget. a) in b) inside c) within d) into 5) We are always rushing, so it is practically impossible for us to finish __________ of schedule. a) advance b) in time c) ahead d) advanced 6) It is important to meet the first____________ of the project, to stay ontrack. a) goal b) achievement c) milestone 7) I know we have encountered many obstacles but we need to get back on _________ and stick to the original plan as soon as possible.  a) track b) road c) path d) race 8) Bad software management will mean having to ____________ up with the pending tasks by working overtime. a) work b) catch c) get 9) A good project manager needs to be able _____________ tasks. a) distributing b) to distribute c) to delegate d) delegating




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