1) Sounds are caused when... a) something explodes b) people talk c) something causes vibrations d) something hits something else 2) Sounds can be described as... a) loud b) quiet c) high pitch d) low pitch e) dangerous 3) Sounds can be made by... a) animals b) weather c) magic d) musical instruments 4) Sounds can be created... a) Yes b) No 5) Electrical energy can be changed into sound energy a) True b) False 6) Vibration means... a) to shake quickly b) to buzz c) to make a sound 7) Sounds are louder when we are close to where they are created (their sources) a) False b) True 8) Ear defenders are used by builders to... a) listen to music to block out loud noises that are annoying b) to protect their ears from vibrations that could damage their ears c) to look cool 9) Hearing is... a) one of our 5 senses b) how we hear things c) what our ears do 10) Our five senses are... a) sight b) taste c) walking d) smell e) touch f) hearing 11) The closer you are to the source of a sound... a) the quieter it is b) the louder it is 

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