1) What tense is "aimais" in? a) the perfect b) the present c) the imperfect 2) When do we use the imperfect? a) When giving an opinion in the past b) when describing past weather c) when saying what you used to do d) All the above 3) Which of the following is NOT an imperfect ending? a) aient b) é c) ions d) ait e) iez f) ais 4) Which form do we start with to form the imperfect? a) the "nous" form of the present b) the infinitive c) you just have to learn it 5) What is the translation of "Je jouais"? a) I used to play b) I would play c) I will play d) I have played e) I play 6) Which of these is NOT correct? a) Je dansais b) nous dansions c) ils dansaient d) il dansais e) tu dansais 7) What is the translation of "we used to go" a) vous alliez b) vous allions c) nous allions d) j'allais e) nous allons

French imperfect formation




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