1) My sister is very happy. She's ..... in love a) gone b) left c) fallen d) heard 2) Sorry, I can't make you a coffee. I haven't ..... any milk a) told b) bought c) found d) seen 3) Oh no! I've ..... my jacket in the restaurant a) left b) told c) fallen d) heard 4) A: This is a great book B: I know. I've already .... it a) seen b) bought c) read d) heard 5) I remember this film now. I've ...... it before a) read b) seen c) heard d) told 6) My boyfriend has ..... us tickets to see The Lion King at the cinema a) told b) seen c) heard d) bought 7) Have you .... Jason's good news? - Yes, he's going to get married a) heard b) seen c) told d) read 8) Has Isabel .... you about her party? - Yes, it's on Saturday, but I can't go a) left b) seen c) told d) heard

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