considered - thought of as, fantastical - imaginative, unbelievable, made up, fictional, descended - (1) related by blood to someone from a previous generation (2) move downwards, terrorise - (1) to cause fear (2) to control using threats or acts of violence, extraordinary - very unusual, wonderful, remarkable , morsel - a small piece that's the right size for one bite, satisfy - to give what is wanted or needed, quench, appease, pangs - a sudden sharp pain or feeling, have no regard for - (1) to not think of or consider (2) to show no respect for , conscience - the sense that allows people to decide between right and wrong actions, consequently - as a result, therefore, fearsome - causing awe or fear, stun - to shock or amaze, vain - having too much pride in one's appearance, conceited, gaze - to look at something/someone steadily, without blinking, tendency - the fact of being likely to move, behave, act in a certain way,

Why ogres are dangerous





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