1) When you receive a nice present a) Sad b) Miserable c) Cheerful 2) When someone says something bad about you a) Miserable b) Weird c) Tired 3) When someone asks you a very personal question in front of many people a) Relaxed b) Embarrassed c) Happy 4) When someone skips the line just in front of you a) Angry b) Excited c) Weird 5) When you know the answer to a question a) Embarrassed b) Confident c) Shy 6) When someone does something nice to you a) Grateful b) Lonely c) Understanding 7) When someone has your same problem a) Exhausted b) Generous c) Understanding 8) When you receive a prize a) Proud b) Kind c) Patient 9) When you hear strange noises in the dark a) Lonely b) Relaxed c) Scared 10) When you tell the truth a) Generous b) Honest c) Thankful

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