Give two costs associated with maintaining quality standards., Why is it advantageous for a business to spot quality problems in the production process?, What does TQM stand for? Give one advantage., Why is it advantageous for a business to ensure high quality in its products?, Why is it important for a business to have good customer services?, Give two ways in which technology can help businesses develop their customer service., Why should product recalls always be avoided?, How can rapid growth influence a business' quality standards?, Who in the business has the responsibility of implementing and using TQM?, Outsourcing is: A) Hiring other businesses to do certain tasks within a business. B) Giving roles to staff lower down in the chain of command., Give an example of how to provide quality customer service., Give a drawback of using quality control staff., How do businesses control quality when using flow production?, How do businesses control quality when using job production?, Which method of production is the most effective at quality control?, How can using e-commerce be beneficial for the customer experience within a business?, Why is it important for employees involved in the sales process to know the production process of their products?, How can sales be affected by poor customer service?.

AQA GCSE Business 9-1 Quality and quality management




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