Establishing rules and routines is important. Lesson plans andinstruction should include routine - know that the world has routines , Gestures (including facial gestures), visuals and realia will be important in helping learners create meaning - can understand a language more quickly than a laguage used, Formal grammar instruction are not relevant. Children will learn chunks of meaningful language. Use TPR method as much as possible - use their eyes, hands and ears to understand things, Activities should be short (e.g. 10 min) and vary - have short but developing concentration span and memory, Chants and rythm are important for learning - love songs and music, Teacher should encourage maximum participation and involvement - are curious and frequently like to ask a lot of questions, Activities should include opportunities for repetitions in enjoyable contexts - like to copy and imitate,

The characteristics of children and implications for the primary school. In general primary learners ...




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