1) Which of the following countries is NOT part of the United Kingdom? a) Republic of Ireland b) Wales c) Scotland 2) Great Britain consists of which countries? a) England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland b) England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland c) England, Scotland and Wales 3) How many regions are there in England a) Seven b) Nine c) Eight 4) Which region of England do we live in? a) West Sussex b) North East c) South East 5) Which map will show us the counties and capital cities? a) a political map b) a topographical map c) a physical map 6) Which of the following describes London's population? a) sparsely distributed b) densely distributed c) evenly distributed  7) Two of the following are mountain ranges in the UK. Which one is NOT? a) Grampians b) Snowdon c) Mourne 8) Which river flows through our capital city? a) The River Bann b) The River Clyde c) The River Thames 9) Worthing Beach is met by which sea or ocean? a) Atlantic Ocean b) North Sea c) English Channel 10) Population distribution can be affected by physical features - true or false? a) True b) False

Chesswood Junior School - Year 4 UK Knowledge




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