1) Which are these are types of rock? a) Igneous b) Soil c) Bricks d) Sedimentary 2) Select the two rocks which are sedimentary. a) Sandstone b) Diamond c) Obsidian d) Limestone 3) Select the two rocks which are igneous. a) Basalt b) Granite c) Sand d) Slate 4) Which two types of rock are affected badly by the weather and erosion? a) Sandstone b) Basalt c) Marble d) Limestone e) Slate 5) Which rock type is the Sphinx in Egypt NOT made of? a) Granite b) Sandstone c) Limestone 6) Which rock type are fossils mainly found in? a) Sedimentary b) Igneous 7) How long does it take for fossils to form? a) 1 day b) 1 week c) A few thousand years d) Many thousands of years 8) Who studies fossils? a) Palaeontologists b) Ecologists c) Dentists




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