Identify/State/Name - Find, or give a simple word or statement, Define - Give a clear meaning, Calculate - Work out, Label - Print the name of, or write, on a map or diagram, Draw - as in sketch or draw a line, Compare - Identify similarities or differences, Describe - Say what something is like; identify trends, Explain - Give reasons why something is happening, Suggest - In an unfamiliar situation (e.g. a photo or graph), explain how or why something might occur, Examine - Give reasons for, but also begin to judge which of the reasons is more important, To what extent.......... - Show how far agree or disagree, Assess - Weight up which is most/least important, Evaluate - Make judgements about which is most or least effective, Discuss - Give an overview of a situation or a topic where there are different apporaches or view points, Justify - Give reasons why you support a particular decision or opinion,

Geography Command Words




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