The weather was extremely horrible yesterday., Joe had a terrible nightmare last night., The new puppies are so adorable., It is possible that you will succeed to be the best you can be., Mark is incredibly good at reading., The question has three possible answers., Nappies are disposable and have to go in a bin., The family of four sensibly crossed the road together., There are many plants that are edible., Rachel and her friends had an enjoyable time at the party., The families pet dog reliably follows their commands., Melting chocolate is a reversible change., The ring she has is valuable to her., The children respectably followed the teacher's instructions., Superheroes are invincible characters., Porcelain is a delicate type of pottery., Miss Barker agreeably took on a new role as head teacher., Hattie's handwriting is now legible to read., Every person is identifiable by their DNA..

Suffix endings -able -ably -ible -ibly




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