telegram - a message sent by telegraph, telephone - a device for sending or receiving voice messages, telescope - an instrument used to make distant objects appear nearer and larger, television - a device for watching programmes and films, transaction - the sale of an object, transcribe - to record a copy in writing, transfer - to take or move from one place to another, transform - to change in form, nature or character, transition - a passing or changing from one position or condition to another, translate - to express in another language, transmit - to pass on (such as radio messages), transparent - see-through, transpire - to become known, transport - a system for carrying passengers or goods, telepathic - the communication of one person's thoughts to another, without using normal methods of communication, teleport - transfer in time and place instantly, transformation - a change, translation - a passage which has been translated,

Prefixes 'tele' and 'trans'




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