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How can I fix a user account problem?

Some common issues can be sorted out online:

Forgot password
Edit personal details
Manage Payments
Join a group or school

Other issues can be sorted by emailing

How do I report an issue or make a request?

To submit an idea for improvement or report a bug there are feedback boxes if you scroll to the the bottom of most pages.

Alternatively email the development team at

My school already has Wordwall, how do I sign up?

On purchasing the product your school should have been sent a welcome email that contained your licence documents.

If you don't have an account yet follow the link contained in the licence documents or note down the key and Sign up with a licence key

If you already have a basic account, go to Join a school and enter the licence key there.

If you have a colleague who is already joined to the school they can use Invite colleague to send you an invite to join.

Contact us if you can't find your licence key