1) ______ they play basketball after school? a) Doesn't b) Does c) Do 2) ______ you drink coffee or tea? a) Does b) Do c) Doesn't 3) ______ Jackie go to dance class? a) Do b) Don't c) Does 4) _______ your mum make you a cake for your birthday? a) Does b) Do c) Don't 5) Do you play the guitar? Yes, I ________. a) do. b) does. c) don't. d) doesn't. 6) Does Sarah go to bed at 8 o'clock in the evening? No, she _______. a) do. b) doesn't. c) does. d) don't. 7) Does your dad watch football on TV? Yes, he _______. a) doesn't. b) does. c) don't. d) do. 8) Do we have to clean the house? Yes, we _______. a) does. b) do. c) doesn't. d) don't. 9) When _______ Tom and Ted play ice hockey?  a) does b) do c) doesn't 10) What _______ Laura do on the weekend? a) does b) do c) dos 11) What _______ your grandma _______ on TV? a) do ... watch b) do ... watches c) does ... watch 12) What _______ your brother _______ for breakfast every morning? a) does ... eat b) do ... eat c) does ... eats 13) _______ your cousin Antonio _______ football cards? a) Do ... collect b) Does ... collect c) Does ... collects 14) _______ Suzie _______ sports? a) Do ... like b) Does ... likes c) Does ... like 15) How many players _______ a basketball team _______ ? a) do ... have b) does ... has c) does ... have d) don't goes

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