They are tall, thin and they have brown hair. - What do they look like?, I'm fine, thanks. - How are you?, I like playing tennis and doing crosswords. - What do you like doing?, They are OK, thanks. - How are your parents?, She is outgoing and talkative. - What is Linda like?, He likes playing basketball and watching TV shows. - What does your brother like doing?, We like chocolate and sweets. - What do you like?, She's getting better, thanks. - How is your mother?, It's cloudy and it's raining in England. - What's the weather like in London?, She likes fruit and ice-cream. - What does your sister like?, My girlfriend is confident, cheerful and optimistic. - What is your girlfriend like?, He is cheerful and optimistic. - What's he like?, It's foggy but it isn't raining in Ireland. - What's the weather like in Dublin?, It's warm and sunny in Germany. - What's the weather like in Berlin?, I am short and I have brown hair and blue eyes. - What do you look like?,

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