Australia is a ____ and continent at the same time. It's called the Land Down ____ because it's on the Southern ____, under the Equator. The ____ city is Canberra and the biggest city is ____. The Aborigines are ____ people of Australia. They have a special tool for hunting called ____ which comes back when you ____ it. Some children don't go to school because school is too far away. They listen to their teachers on the ____ or radio (School of the ____). In Australia people go to the beach for Christmas because when we have winter, they have ____. There are many strange and different animals which live only in Australia. Kangaroos can only ____ around and females carry babies in their ____. ____ is a bird, but it cannot fly. It has three special ____ and it can swim and run fast. Koalas do not need ____ because they drink only when they are ____. Duck-billed platypus is a ____ but it has a ____ and feet like a duck. Dingo is an Australian ____ dog. It looks like a dog but it howls like a wolf.

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