1) ........... did you go on holiday? To the mountains a) When b) Where c) Who d) Why 2) ..... did you go with? With my parents. a) When b) Where c) Who d) Why 3) ...... did you do ? I swam . a) When b) Where c) Who d) What e) Why 4) ..... did you travel? By car a) When b) Who c) Where d) Why e) How 5) .... films did you see on Netflix? Maybe five or six. a) What b) Who c) How many d) How e) How often 6) .... did you watch films on Netflix? Every evening a) How b) How often c) How many d) When e) Why 7) ...... kind of music did you listen to ? To Rap and Hip Hop a) What b) When c) Why d) How many 8) .... did you go to school last time? Before Christmas a) Where b) Why c) When d) How often 9) ... did you learn at home? Because of Covid 19 a) Who b) What c) Why d) How 10) ..... did you buy flowers for? For my Mum. a) When b) Why c) Who d) What

WH questions - past simple



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