1) The indigenous people of Australia are called... a) the Indian people b) the Aboriginal people c) the Maya people 2) The first people came to Australia ______ years ago.  a) 5,000 b) 20,000 c) 50,000 3) The Latin word "australis" means...  a) southern b) northern c) eastern 4) The first white settlers of Australia were... a) farmers b) prisoners c) gold miners 5) Australia became independent in... a) 1851 b) 1901 c) 1986 6) "Terra Australis" in Latin means... a) "Southern Land" b) "Northern Land" c) "Western Ground" 7) Dutch explorers discovered Australia in... a) 1770 b) 1606 c) 1788 8) Dutch explorers named Australia... a) New Amsterdam b) New Netherlands c) New Holland 9) In 1770, the British Captain ______ landed in Australia and claimed it for Great Britain. a) James Brown b) James Cook c) James Dean 10) In 1851, new immigrants came to Australia because of the... a) gold rush b) silver rush c) metal rush 11) In 1901, six Australian colonies united to form... a) the Commonframe of Australia b) the Commonweather of Australia c) the Commonwealth of Australia 12) The Aboriginal people came to Australia by... a) cars b) boats c) bikes

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