-able, -ible - can be done, (comfortable), -al, -ial - having characteristics of, (personal),  -ed* - past-tense verb, (hopped), -en - made of, (wooden), -er - comparative, (higher), -er, - one who, (actor), -est - superlative, (biggest), -ful - full of, (careful), -ic - having the characteristics of, (linguistic), -ing* - verb form/present participle, (running), -ion, -tion, -ation, ition - act, process, (occasion, attraction), -ity, -ty - state of, (infinity), -ive, -ative, -itive - adjective form of a noun, (innovative), -less - without, (fearless), -ly* - characteristic of, (quickly), -ment - action or process, (enjoyment), -ness - state of, condition of, (kindness), -ous, -eous, -ious - possessing the qualities of, (joyous),  -s, -es* - more than one, (books, boxes), -y - characterized by, (happy),

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