1) She usually _______ breakfast at seven o’clock. a) have b) has c) haves 2) ___ she ________ basketball these days? a) Are, playing b) Is, playing c) Is, plaiing 3) ______ she always _______ hard for a test? a) Does, study b) Does, studys c) Does, studies 4) ___ you ________ a crossword now? a) Am, doing b) Are, doing c) Do, doing 5) They _______________ life a lot these days. a) don't enjoy b) aren't enjoying c) doesn't enjoy 6) I usually _____________ squash on Fridays. a) play b) plays c) doesn't play 7) Which sentence is CORRECT? a) He is swiming in the pool. b) They are watching a film. c) Does she playing tennis? 8) Which sentence is CORRECT? a) They not reading a magazine. b) They aren’t reading a magazine. c) They are don’t reading a magazine. 9) Which sentence is CORRECT? a) Im playing the piano. b) I'm playing the guitar. c) I'am playing tennis. 10) My sister ___________ a bike at the moment. a) is riding b) riding c) is ride 11) I ____________ dancing this weekend. a) 'm not b) not c) don't 12) Which sentence is CORRECT? a) We aren’t eating at the moment. b) You arent talking on the phone now. c) She isnt playing cards this weekend. 13) _____ we ______ a computer a lot these days? a) Are, using b) Do, use c) Do, using 14) Which sentence is INCORRECT? a) I am swiming in the sea. b) I am not writing a letter. c) I am having breakfast at the moment. 15) ______ they ___________ photos now? a) Do, takeing b) Are, taking c) Are, takeing 16) My sister__________________ to Shakira at the moment. a) isn't listen b) listens c) is listening 17) He _______ out with his friends every weekend. a) go b) goes c) is go 18) Which sentence is CORRECT? a) Does he plays tennis every week? b) Do he plays tennis every week? c) Does he play tennis every week? 19) Which sentence is CORRECT? a) When they do play tennis? b) When do you talk on the phone? c) When she has breakfast? 20) Does your friend ___________ hard every day? a) studys b) study c) studies 21) _________ she have dinner at five o’clock? a) Does b) Do c) Is 22) _______ you enjoying life a lot these days? Yes, I _____. a) Are, are b) Am, am c) Are, am 23) Are you playing football ______ week? a) last b) every c) this 24) Are they playing basketball _____? a) now b) usually c) always 25) Is she driving a ___________ these days? a) bike b) car c) horse 26) She _______________ TV these days. a) isn't watching b) doesn't watching c) not watching 27) My brother __________________ the computer at the moment. a) isn't using b) is'nt using c) isnt using 28) Does ______ read a magazine every morning? a) Jessica and Tony b) you c) your father 29) Does your boyfriend usually _____ crosswords every evening? a) play b) do c) complete 30) Which sentence is CORRECT? a) We get on well with our friends. b) We get on with our friends. c) We get on good with our friends. 31) My mother usually______________ on the phone for an hour. a) is talk b) talks c) talk 32) Which sentence is INCORRECT? a) Do you play football? b) When does she use a computer? c) When you have breakfast? 33) We ________ play the guitar or the piano. a) dont b) don't c) does not 34) I ___________ to bed late every day. a) go b) am go c) am going 35) She never __________. a) eat b) eats c) doesn't eat 36) ______ he playing football this week? No, he ________. a) Is, isn't b) Is, not c) Is, isnt 37) Which sentence is CORRECT? a) What are you usually having for breakfast? b) What are you usually have for breakfast? c) What do you usually have for breakfast? 38) Which sentence is INCORRECT? a) We aren’t playing the football now. b) Do you have a football? c) Does your sister play football? 39) Which sentence is CORRECT? a) Do you have a letters from my sister? b) She writes him a letter every day. c) Is he writing letter at the moment? 40) ________ your grandmother use a computer? a) Is b) Does c) Do 41) How often ______ they _____ out with their friends? a) do, goes b) does, go c) do, go 42) _______ he ____on the phone every day? a) Do, talks b) Does, talk c) Does, talks 43) He _________ hard every year. a) study b) studies c) studys 44) Are you ____________ a bike these days? a) rideing b) ridying c) riding

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