1) ______________ are often used to advertise products. a) brochure b) chart c) workbook d) layout 2) You can use a ______________ to compare two devices. a) correspondence b) table c) merge d) display 3) If you ______________ your files into folders, they will be easier to find. a) customise b) enhance c) track d) sort 4) The IT department ______________ my computer for this special task. a) applied b) configured c) tracked d) sorted 5) Our company ______________ those computers especially for a library. a) applied b) merged c) customised d) displayed 6) Please, ______________ that table in the presentation, so we can see it more clearly. a) sort b) configure c) display d) enhance 7) The ______________ gives information abut the current document or program. a) menu bar b) status bar c) quick access toolbar d) view buttons 8) The ______________ shows the program and the title of the document. a) menu bar b) program bar c) title bar d) quick access toolbar 9) The ______________ makes it easy to use popular commands. a) quick bar b) quick access bar c) quick access d) quick access toolbar 10) Go to the ______________ when you need to open, save or print files. a) file tab b) insert tab c) options tab d) help tab

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