You can't wear these shoes. Your feet are ____ big. I'd like two bigger sandwiches. This sandwich is ____ small. I can't buy this shampoo. It isn't cheap ____. I'm broke. This snake isn't a good pet. It's ____ dangerous. I can't carry this table. I am not strong ____. I'm not as ____ as my friend. This car is ____ fast as this one. My tea isn't hot ____. Is this camera ____ expensive as that one ? Dad ____ as short as me. He's taller. I haven't brought ____ ____. Can you lend me some, please? ____ ____ place in the ocean is the so called Mariana Trench (11,000 m deep). Which place is ____, Miami or Houston? Bob is ____ ____ Rick. Rick isn' friendly enough. The ____ planet from the Sun is Neptune.

Too/ enough/ / comparatives / superlatives




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