I don't get nervous before an exam because I am very ____.Jack works hard, so we were ____ when did not do well in his exams. I feel terrible before a big exam. I am always very ____. I didn't sleep last night, so I am ____ today. I am ____ because it is my birthday. My teacher gets ____ when I am late for school. an ____ person is unhappy and shouts a lot.an ____ person is really happy and enthusiastic. a ____ person hasn't got anyone to talk to a ____ person needs to go to bed a ____ person is calm a ____ person makes people laugh 1 You get better ____ when you shop online.2 I can ____ you my ski jacket for the school trip. 3 I bought my t-shirt for half price. What a ____! 4 I don't want to ____ my money on clothes I don't need. 5 Can I ____ your jacket tonight? 6 There's a 25€ ____ on that bag I like Those trousers are a bargain but I can't ____ them. They cost 50€.Clothes are much more expensive when they are ____. People ____ money to buy things they want. It is ____ the wait to get good deals. I love the ____ because there are good deals. You can ____ a class at the gym before you decide to join.The other runners were much faster than me. I couldn't ____. His dream is to be an actor so he ____ drama at school. Look at this website and you can ____ some good tips on achery. I had to ____ on the wakeboarding competition because I was ill. Come and ____ It is fun. a horror film is ____a story that really interests you is ____ a sports coach is ____ a comedy is ____ a Caribbean beach holiday is ____ a noisy neighbour is ____ 1. Imagine how I felt when I turned up to school in my pyjamas. It was so ____. 2. It's very ____ because "they're" and "their" sound the same. 3. It is very ____ because we don't know where Suzie is. 4. The head teacher always gives us an ____ speech at the beginning of term. 5. It's so ____ when you lend thing to people and they don't give them back to you. 6. We have had our dog for ten years. It will be ____ when he dies. ____ the message icon to open it.____ that button to switch it on. ____ the TV before you turn it on. ____ the computer when you finish. ____ your phone before you go on a journey, SETTING UP YOUR NEW PHONE1. FIRST FIND A CONVENIENT PLACE TO ____ YOUR PHONE. 2. THEN ____ THE RED BUTTON AT THE TOP FOR THREE SECONDS TO ____ YOUR PHONE. THE BATTERY NEEDS TO ____ FOR 5 HOURS SO DO NOT ____ THE PHONE. YOU CAN USE THE PHONE DURING THIS TIME TO ____ YOUR FRIENDS



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