to travel, 15.55 train, a seat, to catch a train, to miss a train, luggage(UK), baggage(US), Conveyor belt, to go up / down, double decker bus, coach, taxi, tube / underground, bike / bicycle, boat, scooter, motorbike (UK), motorcycle(US), plane, bus, lorry(UK), truck(US), I go to… by car, in, on, next to, near, in front of, behind, between, under, opposite, above, bellow, through, inside, outside, among, GO ICE SKATING, GO TO THE CINEMA, VISIT THE PLANETARIUM, GO TO THE FUNFAIR, COLLECT SHELLS, GO BOWLING, VISIT THE AQUARIUM, GO TO A CONCERT, GO KARTING, EAT AT A RESTAURANT, SUNBATHE, MAKE SANDCASTLES, RIDE A BIKE / SCOOTER, READ COMICS / BOOKS, PLAY COMPUTER GAMES, GO SWIMMING, GO DIVING, SWAP CARDS, LISTEN TO MUSIC, HAVE A PICNIC, FLY A KITE, TALK TO FRIENDS, PLAY FOOTBALL / TENNIS, SKATE, SKIP, PLAY THE PIANO / DRUMS, SING, PLAY THE GUITAR, SKATEBOARD, PLAY HIDE AND SEEK, WHAT, WHICH, WHO, WHOSE, WHY, WHEN, WHERE, HOW, HOW OLD, HOW MANY, HOW MUCH, HOW OFTEN, HOW LONG, HOW FAR, HOW FAST.



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