1) If people touch fire, they ... a) will burning. b) get burnt. c) would burn. 2) Babies cry if ... a) they are hungry. b) they will hungry. c) they will be hungry. 3) If you mix red and white, ... a) you will be pink. b) you would get pink. c) you get pink. 4) If you press that button, ... a) music starts playing. b) music start play. c) music start playing. 5) If he doesn't wear glasses, ... a) he can't see. b) he won't see. c) he don't see. 6) The earth gets dry if ... a) it not rain for a long time. b) if it doesn´t rain for a long time. c) it will not rain for a long time. 7) If you pour oil in the glass with water, ... a) it will floats. b) it float. c) it floats. 8) ... if you heat it? a) Will ice melt b) Do ice melts c) Does ice melt 9) If people don't eat, they ... a) get hungry. b) will get hungry. c) would get hungry. 10) We get tired if we ... a) won't get enough sleep. b) don't get enough sleep c) haven't get enough sleep.



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