Angela's brother ____ in Vienna next year because his girlfriend is there. Jane knows what she wants to do after school. She ____ an engineer. ____ hang out with us tonight? I know he wants to. Do you think you ____ rich when you’re older? Do you think you ____ in another country in the future? AMY: Mum loves strawberries. Let's make her a strawberry cake for her birthday! DAD: Great idea! I'm sure she ____ it. ALI: What ____ do tonight? KAT: She ____ a musical with Dan. Sorry, I'm late! I promise I ____ late again. I am busy at the moment. I ____ you back later. Bleh! The food in this restaurant is disgusting. I ____ here again. I don't think it ____ tomorrow. Mum said that my cousins ____ us tomorrow. ____ používáme pro předpověď budoucnosti. ____ používáme pro okamžitá rozhodnutí. ____ používáme pro plánované věci. ____ používáme pro věci, pro které máme nějaký důkaz.

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