1) A small slip of paper that shows that one has paid for something. a) Brilliant b) Magazine c) Ticket d) Newspaper 2) Wonderful or outstanding. a) Advertisement b) Brilliant c) Ticket d) Newspaper 3) A person whose job is to take photographs. a) Magazine b) Photographer c) Bookstore d) Hobby 4) A public promotion of some product or service. a) Hobby b) Free c) Movie theater d) Advertisement 5) An interest or activity that one does for pleasure in one's spare time. a) Brilliant b) Hobby c) Festival d) Ticket 6) A store in which books are the primary items for sale (bookstore) a) Fun b) Bookstore c) Advertisement d) Photographer 7) A publication made of several large sheets of folded paper printed with news, opinions, advertisements... a) Newspaper b) Fun c) Hobby d) Festival 8) A printed collection of stories, pictures, articles, and advertisements a) Festival b) Fun c) Hobby d) Magazine 9) A building where people go to see movies on a large screen. a) Photographer b) Free c) Newspaper d) Movie theater 10) A series of shows, exhibits, or special activities that center around a particular type of thing, such as music, art or food. a) Hobby b) Magazine c) Movie theater d) Festival 11) Without cost. a) Hobby b) Festival c) Free d) Photographer 12) Something that amuses or entertains. a) Fun b) Movie theater c) Bookstore d) Magazine

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