1) It is a bird but it cannot fly. It loves cold weather. a) a penguin b) a flamingo c) a bat 2) It is a man's best friend. It can jump and play in the park. a) a dog b) a cat c) a hamster 3) It's a bird with very long legs and a very long red beak. It loves Poland. a) a stork b) a bat c) a horse 4) It eats insects. It lives in water and on land. It can be green. a) a frog b) a whale c) a shark 5) It has a very long neck. It lives in Africa. a) a giraffe b) a flamingo c) a lion 6) It has got scales and it cannot speak. It can swim very well. a) a penguin b) a fish c) a spider 7) It is very big and strong. It can drink a lot of water and walk for a very long time even when it's very hot. a) an elephant b) a horse c) a camel 8) It lives in Australia. It can jump. When you are a baby, you can sleep in its pocket. a) a camel b) a koala c) a kangaroo 9) It is a very intelligent animal. It can talk and do tricks. It can fly. a) a monkey b) a parrot c) a bat 10) It can't walk. It can't fly. It has got a long body. It can bite you.  a) a tiger b) a lion c) a snake

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