Correct: Carla is getting in the car with her mum., They are going in the town., Billy is lying in bed., Are you watching TV?, Andy's buying some balloons., I'm looking for some pens., Billy isn't doing his homework., We're making a poster., He's looking through the window., Andy is brushing his teeth., Carla is having a shower., Mr Fletcher is having a cup of coffee., Dad is reading the newspaper., Mel is talking to Joe., Where are we going?, Are you making some sandwiches?, Is it raining outside?, It isn't snowing., Harry is wearing his new T-shirt., Penny and Leonard aren't in school today., Incorrect: I get up at 7 o'clock., We have breakfast in the kitchen., My sister walks the dog every morning., When do your lessons start?, Howard goes to work by car., Do you work in a restaurant?, We play computer games every weekend., I don't eat sweets for lunch., Amy doesn't play the piano., Dad makes pancakes every weekend., Does your family watch TV every evening?, Monica and Ross go skiing in winter., Jackie likes shopping., Donna does her homework in the afternoon., Where does Michael play volleyball?, How far do you walk to school?, My grandma makes the best cakes in the world., My grandpa repairs his own tractor., Eric likes ice cream., Steven doesn't learn German at scool.,

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