Last summer I ____ on holiday to Italy with my family. But there were lots of problems along the way. First, the alarm clock ____, so we ____ to the airport really late. We ____ a good flight to Italy, but when we arrived, my sister´s bag wasn´t there. It was in Portugal and she ____ any clean clothes. Then we ____ the bus to the hotel. At the hotel, there were more problems. The hotel ____ two rooms for us, so we all ____ one room for the first night. In the morning, we ____ breakfast at the hotel. We walked into the restaurant and then I ____ them! My teachers ____ on holiday at the same hotel! What a disaster! In the end, I ____ a good holiday. I ____ new sports, we ____ new places, I ____ new friends and my teachers...? Well, they ____ home on the second day.

Motivate 1, U8, A disastrous holiday!

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