1) Is Canada a part of the Commonwealth of Nations? a) Yes b) No 2) How many provinces and territories does Canada have in total? a) 10 b) 11 c) 12 d) 13 e) 14 3) Who is the official head of the state? a) the president b) Queen Elizabeth II c) the premier 4) What is Canada's population? a) 30 million inhabitants b) 38 million inhabitants c) 45 million inhabitants d) 50 million inhabitants 5) What kind of leaf is depicted on the Canadian flag? a) oak leaf b) beech leaf c) maple leaf d) ivy leaf 6) Which of the following cities is not situated in Canada? a) Toronto b) Vancouver c) Ottawa d) Montreal e) Chicago 7) What is Canada's highest mountain? a) Mount Kosciuszko b) Mount Denali c) Mount Cook d) Mount Logan 8) Which of these animals are typical for Canada? a) wolf b) grizzly bear c) moose d) lynx e) fox f) penguin 9) Which of these belong to Canada's popular tourist attractions? a) CN Tower b) Niagara Falls c) Yellowstone National Park d) Banff National Park e) Old Quebec 10) The Mackenzie is a Canadian river. a) TRUE b) FALSE 11) The indigenous peoples of Canada are ... a) the Indians b) the Inuits c) the Maories d) the Kluane First Nation 12) What is Canada's largest city? a) Toronto b) Ottawa c) Quebec d) Montreal e) Vancouver 13) The Rocky Mountains are located in the ... of the country. a) west b) east 14) The capital city is... a) Toronto b) Montreal c) Ottawa

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