Do you get up early in the morning?, Does your dad do the housework?, Do you play golf?, Do you and your friends meet in the afternoon?, What time do you go to bed?, What do you do at weekends?, Does your mother cook lunch every day?, Do you always do your homework?, Is there a plant in your room?, Are there books on the table?, Can you play tennis?, Can she drive a car?, Does Tim go to bed early?, How often do you drink alcohol?, Do they watch TV a lot?, What is your name?, How old is your sister?, Am I a musician?, Can I have a glass of water?, How much is that?, Does he make breakfast for hotel guests?, What does a pilot do?, Where does your sister live?, Do you go out on Saturday evenings?, Are you married?, Who do you live with?, How do you like your job?, Do you love eating in restaurants?, Is there a notebook?, Are there any stamps?, Is this an address book?, Where is Anna's house?, Is there a post office near here?, Can you speak French?, Can computers write poetry?.

Present Simple - Questions - word order

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