A new baby comes into the world in New York every 4.4 ____. New York is divided into 5 ____. Education is so important for New York that there are over 100 ____. The tallest building in New York is One World Trade Center, with 104 ____. Bill de Blasio is New York’s 109th ____. Although the city is full of skyscrapers, the highest natural point in New York is Todt Hill at 120 ____. In Central Park, people can find more than 275 ____. The Statue of Liberty came from ____. It was built from 350 ____. You can hear 800 ____ in New York. The ____rail is longer than 1,000 kilometers. The city's total area is over 1,200 ____. People began to ____ in New York in 17th ____. Houses and apartments are very ____. In Manhattan, a square meter costs about ____. The amount of gold stored in Wall Street comes up to 7,000 ____. ____ is New York’s most important farming activity. The city has 18,000 farms. The ____ of New York is 8,700,000 people. Its ____ has 50,000 books.

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